The children have done very well this year in 4-H.  My daughter finished her final year of Clover Buds, her project for the June General Projects show was a blue bird house.  It’s currently home to a wren family!

General Project Show. This is her last year of Cloverbuds - on to 4-H now!

Our little girl & her woodworking project!

My son really REALLY loves birds so this year he took on a rather ambitious project.  After one false start (thanks to me forgetting to return the bones on their drying trays to the oven after cooking supper – the cats ate the first try) he was very pleased with the final result and his project was selected to go on the the Illinois State Fair!

Chicken Skeleton 4-H poultry project 2011

Our son with his Chicken Skeleton for the 4-H Poultry project.

Then the last week of July we attended the County Fair. Before bringing animals to show they have to be nice and clean, ready to put their best foot forward!

The children working together to bathe the Silkies before the Fair.

Our son showed 2 of his Splash Silkies, a pullet and a cockerel.  The cockerel took home the Fancy & Bantam Class Champion ribbon!  We are all very proud of the kids for doing such a great job caring for their birds…

Our Son & his Champion splash Silkie cockerel

Sadly, this week has brought an uninvited guest.  A weasel killed 4 pullets, two of our youngest farm yard crosses, one sweet buff silkie, and to our great disappointment, the pretty splash pullet who showed so well for our son at the fair.  So for the past 2 nights I’ve been up checking every hour or so with the dogs helping to patrol.  We are hoping to permanently rehome the offender.  Behind the Pearly Gates.

I hope everyone is taking a moment to enjoy the waning days of summer.  They simply slip by too quick.


2 thoughts on “Champion!

  1. What a proud parent!!!Will you be my mom?LOL!! I was raised til age 11 on the farm til we tragicly lost my dad, mom had to go to the city to find work. Reading your post and the pics of your children took me back. Thank you!! Your family is blessed with your enthusiasm and love. I always said I wish I could have been Laura Ingles. I now live in Moline, but do my best to bring nature to my small yard with bird feeders and lots of vegitation for them to live. I’m glad I stumbled upon your post and website and will continue to watch as long as you keep posting. The kids may not appreciate the work now, but I promise they will hold onto the memories forever! I do. My daughter is learning the ‘homesteading’ also with making her own cloth diapers for the babies, baby food, clothesline and what many see as going backwards, but as many of us realize, our world is changing and the lessons you are teaching are so valuable. Thank you again and I hope more will be encouraged by your life!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am very thankful for my husband and children and the wonderful opportunity to LIVE in the country. It is such a gift. I’m going to print out your comment and hang it on the fridge.

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