We’re down to the last month of waiting on Eva’s lambing date.  On Saturday night (2/2/13) I actually felt her baby (or babies) kick!  She’s had her selenium shot and her CD&T vaccine, so we’re pretty much all ready.  Just waiting for March 5th.

I’m also very anxiously waiting for a call from the Post Office.  I have a shipment of Silkie eggs coming from Tennessee.  The incubator is all set up & has been since Friday.  Unfortunately they did not arrive on Saturday, as we’d hoped, and have been waiting in the cold.  I am so happy that the seller put in a heatpack.  Maybe they won’t be frozen.

I am frustrated with the USPS tracking system.  The package had no update on it’s movement since Friday, when it was in Knoxville, until this morning, when it says it departed Champaign Illinois….  at 4:49AM on Feb. 3.  I sure hope they manage to make it today!

I do have to say that the Alexis, IL, Post Office is fantastic.  They always call me right away to let me know when chicks or goslings or eggs have arrived.  They also make sure to call me and let me know if nothing has come, if they know I’m expecting a delicate package.  I really love our local postal workers…  I wish all towns had such great people taking care of their precious parcels.


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