They Did It!

We left the last few eggs with two of our broody geese.  Pilgrim geese are supposed to have good parenting abilities – so we thought we’d give them the chance to prove it.

So far 2 goslings have hatched out of 4 pipped eggs and at least one more is in the process of hatching.  Unfortunately, the two that didn’t make it were accidentally squished by the mommas.  I think this is a result of both inexperience and the fact that they both decided to make one giant nest and set together.  Makes it hard to tell where it’s safe to place those giant feet!

So the excitement is tinged with some disappointment, but the two babies are doing wonderfully!  Diamond, our gander, seems proud beyond measure, and even the Auntie goose, Felicity, is very lovey to the goslings as they have begun to explore the big green world.

Pilgrim Goose mothers and their goslings.

Bones & Stone with their little goslings in their giant nest. We are very pleased with our momma geese here at Brown Fox Farm!




Tuesday (5/10) I candled the 24 eggs in the incubator & found 22 appeared to be viable.  Thursday was the last day of turning and since then I’ve been checking the temp and humidity as often as possible to make sure we’re remaining in the correct range.  So far so good.

Early this morning (day 20) I went down to check the incubator before going out to milk the goats & sure enough we have one starting to pip!  I am very excited to see how we do over the next couple of days.  I’ll be sure to post more pictures as we go.

Cochin or Brahma egg pipping on day 20 in the incubator.

Cochin or Brahma cross egg pipping on day 20 in the incubator.

In other news, we sent the two Mini Nubian doelings off to their new home this morning.  I hope they have long, happy & productive lives with their new family.  We also have 3 broody hens setting on another couple dozen eggs out in the shed (one Phoenix hen and 2 black Silkie hens).  AND, we are getting over a gallon of goat milk daily.  I’m planning to make a rhubarb custard pie today with our fresh milk & fresh eggs & rhubarb from the garden.  I’ll let you know how that turns out!