My Letter to My Representatives & The President

The following is in regard to Congress’ passage of section 735 in HR 933.

“I am so disappointed.  

Once again industrial agriculture has purchased our government at the cost of the people.  I hope you take a moment to remember that these corporations, who wish to flout the court’s decision, continue to make money hand over fist without having to sell those seeds that were illegally approved by the USDA. Meanwhile honest farmers, who try to provide their neighbors with fresh raw milk, or those who simply want to save their own seed without worry that it has been contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically modified patented pollen, are being fined, arrested, harassed, & losing their livelihood.  

These are the people you are sworn to serve, the people you are supposed to speak for…  Not Goliath corporations who want to circumvent the law and purchase their way past the approval process.  Please remove section 735 from HR 933.”

Please – make your disappointment known!  Visit the link below and tell Obama to block the resolution & let your representatives know you are outraged at their disregard for the voice of the people.