They Did It!

We left the last few eggs with two of our broody geese.  Pilgrim geese are supposed to have good parenting abilities – so we thought we’d give them the chance to prove it.

So far 2 goslings have hatched out of 4 pipped eggs and at least one more is in the process of hatching.  Unfortunately, the two that didn’t make it were accidentally squished by the mommas.  I think this is a result of both inexperience and the fact that they both decided to make one giant nest and set together.  Makes it hard to tell where it’s safe to place those giant feet!

So the excitement is tinged with some disappointment, but the two babies are doing wonderfully!  Diamond, our gander, seems proud beyond measure, and even the Auntie goose, Felicity, is very lovey to the goslings as they have begun to explore the big green world.

Pilgrim Goose mothers and their goslings.

Bones & Stone with their little goslings in their giant nest. We are very pleased with our momma geese here at Brown Fox Farm!



Downs and Ups

Yesterday was a terrible day.  We had to put down one of the lambs, Belle.  Her joint inflammation was just getting worse and her quality of life was deteriorating.  She could hardly get around & certainly couldn’t run and play.  There was no way she would have made it, and I couldn’t bear to see her in pain.  It was a very sad evening here & I did not sleep well at all.

Today the sky is gray and I’ve been spending extra time with Mona Lisa, the other bottle lamb.  She survived the horrible battle with pneumonia and is absolutely thriving.  But she seems a little lost without her friend.  She’s having a nap after a nice warm bottle so I decided to come in and take a look at the eggs in the incubator.

You see, this week our Pilgrim geese started laying!!  I am always so happy when we get those huge, white eggs.  This year it’s even more thrilling because we are shipping eggs to new homes.  I am thrilled to know there will be more people raising these wonderful birds. 

SO.  In the first weeks the laying is not consistent.  An egg here & there.  But on that first day we found 2 & I decided to pop them into the incubator and see what we got.  I didn’t have high hopes for fertility, because those first eggs have a high probability of being duds.  BUT I just candled both eggs and BOTH are showing development on day 4!!

I am so thankful for these happy moments, they can really brighten a dark day.

Last Pilgrim Goslings of 2012!

Last Pilgrim Goslings of 2012!

For sale: 2 pairs of Pilgrim goose goslings, 2 weeks old & handled constantly by our children. Ready for their new homes! $60 per pair, one goose & one gander each. Sorry – we will not split pairs. Click the photo to link to our ad.

Pilgrim Geese at Brown Fox Farm!

The Pilgrim goslings have finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier.  Well, I suppose I could be…  We ordered 8 goslings in February, but the day after they shipped (this Monday) we were called and told we would only get half our order because there were too many orders and not enough geese to go around.

So we only ended up with four.  Two geese & two ganders.  One of the geese was in bad shape all yesterday.  They were in transit for three days and I sped to the Post Office just after six yesterday morning when they called to let me know they’d arrived.  But three days is a very long time & it seems she was very dehydrated.  I spent the day and into the night making sure she took little drinks of warm molasses water.  She seems much improved this morning and is moving around with the other goslings & her eyes are less sunken & squinty.

Here is a photo of the babies taken shortly after their arrival…

Pilgrim Geese - A critically endangered American breed

The first goslings at Brown Fox Farm - Pilgrim geese are listed as a critically endangered American breed by the ALBC.

You can see the difference in the face of the dehydrated gosling standing behind the others.  After this photo she spent most of the rest of the day laying down.  I really hope we can pull her through.  Wish us luck!