2013 Square Foot Gardens

2013 Square Foot Gardens

Another Simple Map – Square Foot Vegetable Gardens


And the Garden Waits…

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Not too much wind, about 60 degrees, sun shining. So when my husband returned from turkey hunting, we went out into the garden to get the raised beds prepared for planting. We inspected the blackberry canes for breaks, checked over the grape vines to prune dead spots, and discussed methods to protect our elderberry bushes from overspray when they spray the fields around our place.

Today the high will be about 45 degrees. It’s overcast and the wind is high. Guess we’ll be focused on indoor activities in our garden preparations. I think we’ll be transplanting tomatoes and peppers then starting more seeds.

Meanwhile the garden waits, patient as ever, for the warm promises of green summer days.

Sweet corn growing in the raised beds 2010

Corn growing in raised gardens on the first day of summer, 2010